Pro Evolution Soccer

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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 6
  • Size 217.23 MB
  • Works under: Windows 2000 / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Konami

Slick graphics not matched by licenses

Pro Evolution Soccer is the worldwide version of the Konami-owned Winning Eleven and is the biggest rival to the market dominant FIFA series. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES or Pro Evo as it's known to its large fan base) 6 was released to worldwide markets in 2007. It got a mixed review, with many fans loving the new improved ball control skills, whilst its main detractors still frustrated by the lack of "real" teams.

New Features to Pro Evo 6

Comparing each Pro Evo game to its FIFA counterpart always shows some interesting differences. In the mid 2000s, the graphics and gameplay awards all came to Pro Evo, and the sixth edition of the series was no difference. New features that helped them keep their heads out in front included:

• Harder to master ball skills - on the pitch, there are new controls to bring a ball under control as it comes to your player, as well as using different buttons to flick the ball on or step over to get past your opponent. They're not easy to master but with patience and dedication, gamers can use them to outwit the improved computer teams.

• International Challenge Mode - from the game menu, players can now choose to guide any international team through the qualification process for their continent to play in the International Cup (aka the World Cup but Konami don't have naming rights). This is a much longer process, but you can now switch anyone from any team into your team, provided they've got the right nationality, so you can now call up that player who you've felt is missing from the national squad.

• Random Selection Match - another interesting feature is the ability to choose up to four clubs or countries, or one domestic league, and allow the computer to pick random line-ups from those teams. This has proved very popular when playing against another human as it removes the problem of picking inherently biased teams.

• PES shop costumes - the PES shop makes its return and whilst players can use PES coins to buy legendary and retired players to add to their squad, Konami have added some fun to the game by allowing animal costumes to be bought. The most popular include the ostrich and raptor which have the player riding the animal. The normal ball skills can be used, but unsurprisingly neither animal has a strong or accurate shot.

• Group network play - finally, the online play, as ever, is a strong feature of Pro Evo 6. Players can now create and edit groups, where certain gamers are allowed to compete using their own teams. Groups earn PES points as normal which can be used to unlock costumes and classic national teams to be used in the group.


  • Excellent network speed and connections
  • Fun playing with animal characters
  • Satisfying long game to qualify for the International World Cup


  • Not many licensed teams or players makes it feel fake
  • No manager/career mode
  • New ball control skills are frustrating to learn initially
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